Ammed Garcia, artistic name Ammed Tuniziani is a 3rd generation of traditional circus performer.

Ammed started flying with his brothers at the Age of - 9 - in Mexico City - Mexico . (Circo Hermanos Vazques) 

The same year Ammed performed for the first time in Europe, in the city of Torino Italy (CircoFlorilegio ) – with his Troupe Flying Tuniziani's. (year of 2000) 

After a successful season in Italy, the Vazques family brought the Tuniziani's back to Mexico for the 2001/2002/2003 Season. It was a amazing experience for Ammed, working in such a Good Show, where he obtained significant experience and starting building his name and footprint in the trapeze field.

In the middle of 2003, an America show had their eyes on the Tuniziani Troupe.  This contract allowed Ammed and his troupe to perform in America and tour the west and mid country for over six months.  (Circo Osorio).

After being seen by the best producers and talents scouts in the show business, Ammed was invited to present his Act to the most recognized shows in America, performing for crowds all over the country, in the major cities such as: Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and New York City. 

Just a few of the major shows included: James Christie Cole, Tarzani Zerbine Circus, Royal Hannford Circus, The Shrine Circus.

In the year of 2006, Circus Circus Casino Las Vegas was in need of new talent and thrilling acts, following the tradition of presenting the best of the best shows for the millions of spectators they come across at their casino, they wanted Ammed's troupe and offered them a consecutive 2 year contract to perform at Circus Circus Casino Las Vegas. 

While Ammed was touring in Mexico, Canada and USA in 2010, Cirque du Soleil invited Ammed to be part of one of their major productions, the relaunch of ZAIA, one of the biggest production over seas. Cirque Du Soleil  –  Macau China-  2010/2012. 

After a successful season in china Ammed become part of another Cirque Du Soleil production this time - MYSTERE - the amazing show in the Treasure Island Casino USA - las vegas. 

2013 Ammed was approach by the greatest show on earth the most Traditional Circus show in America RINGLING BROTHERS AND BARNUM AND BAILEY CIRCUS. 

They bring Ammed a new Challenge to put together a new act for the gratest show on earth a concept never seeing before in traditional circus. A double wide flying trapeze act presenting 4 consecutive triple somersault.

 2014 season 2015 seasons. Ringling Brothers present LEGENDS.

2016 season and present time. Ringling Brothers presents OUT OF THIS WORLD.

2016 was the year that Ammed rich the highest feat on the flying trapeze, the QUADRUPLE SOMERSAULT .  exercise executed by only a feel man in history of the flying trapeze.